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Design - Aug 6, 2015

7 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Home This Summer

The lovely lady in charge of Cupcake Mag is taking over the blog today to give you 7 EASY ways to refresh your home this summer. I have been working with Casi for a while now and love her dedication to the industry as well as her design sense. Make sure to check back for other posts by her in the future!!! Take it from here Casi …

One of my favourite things to do as a new season approaches is redecorate with a few quick changes that make a big difference. It’s time to get inspired by the warn air and sunny colours of summer days! While I am no Jillian Harris decorating is one of my favourite things to do. And it’s not just for the holidays – check out seven tips to refresh your home this summer!

1. Mix It Up
Transform your couch this summer with colorful throw pillows. Choose different patterns and prints for a quick fix. If you are craving change, it’s an instant makeover when you add new throw pillows to your sofa. All of the pillows below I bought here.

2. Spruce Up Your Bedside Table
A quick and easy fix to give your bedside table a face lift takes just five minutes. Add a new lamp, floral arrangement, a few of your favorite books and a great piece of art. Jenna Sue Design has the perfect cityscape prints that you can customize with a place you love. A mirrored frame is the perfect touch to glam it up!

3. Organize with Trays
Control the clutter, ladies. Decorating and organizing with trays is not only is it an easy solution to controlling the clutter, it looks so pretty doing it. From beauty products to jewelry; a tray can display all of your favorite things so you can show them off in many versatile ways.

4. Re-Vamp the Bar Cart
Save the cocktail for the deck! A bar cart can be used for much more then just the whiskey. It’s a great place for your cozy throws instead of hidden in a closet. It’s much prettier to show them off on the bottom of your bar cart. Don’t you agree?

5. Style Your Coffee Table for the Season
Considering it’s usually one of the focal points in a room, it’s time to style your coffee table like a pro. Switching out that tray and decor to arrange a summer collection of your favorite things is the best way to get a chic, stylish look for your coffee table. Natural elements, your favorite summer reads, decorative items all make coffee table styling an easy task to refresh for the season.

6. Decorate with Books
Books are a fun, chic, and easy way to spruce up your space without spending a ton of cash.
Quick tip: Take off the covers! I choose books that were all the same hue, took off the covers and they matched perfectly in my space.

7. All the Fresh Flowers
Celebrate the warm weather with summer arrangements that are sure to bring energy to any room. Fresh flowers are an inexpensive and very easy way to decorate your home.

Photo Credit: Kim Flores
1. Coral Pillow | 2. Leaf Pattern | 3. Long Sand Pillow | 4. White & Navy Square | 5. Ink Spot Pillow | 6. Leopard Pillow | 7. Stripe Pillow



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